We will be building lots of visualizations throughout the course to be able to learn programming in a visual manner. Each visual illustrates a use for a programming structure; teaching JavaScript and p5.js at the same time.
We will start off easy by learning about the basics of JavaScript and p5.js
We will progressively look at building more involving examples that makes use of common programming structures.
Using JavaScript with p5.js will allow us to build examples that are animated...
or interactive (try moving your mouse on the area below).
Try clicking the area below to draw circles of random size and color on the screen.
Here is the final project that we will be tackling at the end of the course; an interactive, animated game that can be deployed on the web. Try clicking the area below and pressing the numbers on your keyboard (not the numpad though) that corresponds to the numbers being displayed in the game to see how well you fare!
Are you ready to learn programming using JavaScript with relevant, practical and visual examples? If so, here are the options: An ebook that you can read anywhere or a video course by Udemy that contains everything from the book in a video format and allows you to interact with me and other students that are taking the course.


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