About the Author
Engin Arslan
Hi! My name is Engin Arslan. I am a Toronto based web developer with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering and a Postgraduate Degree in Visual Effects. Before becoming a developer, I worked as a Visual Effects Artist / Technical Director on films and TV shows including Resident Evil, Tron, Mama, Pompeii, Vikings and Strain. I received an Emmy Nomination and won a Canadian Screen Award for my Visual Effects work. During my time in VFX, I fell in love with Python and with programming in general. As a result I changed careers to be able to immerse myself completely in software development. I currently work as a software developer at Rangle.io, North America's largest front-end development firm, specializing in developing web applications using modern JavaScript. I also work as a part-time professor at Seneca College and I am an author for Pluralsight (Automating the Web) and for Lynda (3D Graphics on the Web). My personal website can be found here.

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